Actual Exam Questions For Cisco 700-070 Exam

Cisco TelePresence Solutions Specialist certification accelerate your career in the IT industry and Cisco 700-070 exam questions by DumpsSchool helps you in this goal. These 700-070 exam questions are updated and logically explain topics of installing, configuring and troubleshooting Cisco IX5000 and IX5200 systems.

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Question No. 1

Which action should you take during recabling?

Answer: A

Question No. 2

Where can you find the results for noise-level and reverberation tests?

Answer: C

After you run the noise level and reverberation tests, you can retrieve the reports by navigating to Logs > Reports in the Administration GUI. You will see a list of.html files whose filenames begin with Noise and RT60. Click Download to open and view the reports in an HTML browser. p.html#65094

Question No. 3

What should you do first when the local Touch 10 falsely indicates that content is being shared?

Answer: B

CSCur32160 SymptomThe share tray on the local Touch 10 still shows that the local side is sharing content, even when content is no longer being shared. ConditionsThis condition is seen when a presentation is shared on the local side, then is overwritten by a presentation on the remote side. The share tray on the local side is not updated with this information. WorkaroundClose and then re-open the share tray (one method is to press the Home button, then press the Share button).

Question No. 4

If a single microphone fails, you should first test cabling between which two points?

Answer: D

If the problem affects all mic bars, check the cabling between the TDM and the codec (the TDM is located in the first and, if applicable, second row cable management panels). If the problem is with a single mic bar, check the cabling between the mic bar and the TDM. p.html

Question No. 5

Which two actions are part of the Display Connection step during endpoint configuration? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C

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