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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

What is the proper order to power-on E-Series arrays when a storage system has at least 2
trays? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Power all expansion drive trays first, wait several minutes for the expansion drive trays to spin up, and then power on the controller drive tray
B. Power on in any order, since the order does not matter
C. Power up A-side power supplies first, then power up all B-side power supplies.
D. Power on the controller drive tray first, then wait several minutes for the controller drive tray to spin up, and then power on all expansion drive trays

Answer : D

Question: 2

Which component of an E-Series storage system should always be upgraded first?(Choose
the best answer.)

A. ESM firmware
B. Controller firmware
C. Controller NVSRAM
D. SANtricity management client

Answer : B

Question: 3

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When you arrive on a customer site, you discover that the customer network administrator has called in sick. While required power has been provided and all of the components ordered have been physically accounted for, the network will not be operational today. Which would be the most useful tool to complete your rack & stack and initial configuration of the system? (Choose the best answer.)

A. a Serial Port cable
B. a CD containing the 10.86 version of SANtricity
C. a standalone switch or hub
D. None of the above, come back tomorrow.

Answer: B

Question: 4

Consult the ___________ to determine the current link status of a host port. (Choose the best answer.)

A. Storage Array Profile
B. Real-time performance monitor
C. Recovery Guru
D. Unreadable Sectors log

Answer: A


Question: 5

What is SMAgent? (Choose the best answer.)

A. a host server process that enables storage system management with the storage data path
B. an OS-dependent collection of utilities for servers attached to SANtricity-managed storage systems
C. a GUI or CLI run on a host server used for storage system management
D. a host I/O performance modeling interface
E. inter-process communication that supports computer program subroutines

Answer: A

The host adapters in the hosts that are attached to the storage array are known to the storage management software. However, in most cases the storage management software does not know which host adapters are associated with which hosts. Only when the SMagent services runs on the host that is attached to a storage array can the storage management software associate HBA ports to that host.

Question: 6

What system file is used during the controller start-of-day sequence to determine various SCSI parameters and other host-type specific settings for an E-Series system? (Choose the best answer.)

A. Major Event Log
B. ESM Firmware
D. Unreadable Sectors Log

Answer: C